The Artist

My name is Nina and I'm  a  yoga teacher based in Barcelona ,Spain. Also the designer and  maker of Nina Yoga Bags.

Yoga has been a central part of my life for over a decade now and the idea of creating a yoga bag  came as a personal need that I had felt but was not satisfied elsewhere."

My Philosophy

ETHICS ,STYLE, PRACTICALITY , SUSTAINABILITY are the keywords for this Limited Edition Bags respecting  the environment and made carefully with love entirely in Barcelona in collaboration with a local NGO that helps women in danger of social exclusion giving them a new work tool.


The creative process  of making the  bags is meditation like.I put all my love and concentration into the process and I get inspire by all that I lived this years of traveling around the globe.

I'm very happy to see that people in many places around the world are responding positively. 

Hope you enjoy them as well.Each bag has its own personal story. Whether I'm in my home town or traveling in some distant corner of the globe I will always be looking for that special pattern , texture or color, feeling my way to the right material. 

When I find something I like, I know it will become a beautiful bag and find a happy yoga home somewhere in the world.

Thanks so much for supporting my brand and the  slow-design movement!

Nina Adams