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Welcome to the yoga universe with Nina!

Explore a variety of styles, from the dynamism of Ashtanga Vinyasa to the vibrant energy of Rocket Yoga and the astrological harmonization of Astroyoga.

See you in class!


Rocket Yoga

Rocket it's a dynamic and challenging practice where created by Larry Schultz. It's a modification, or a new way of sequencing Ashtanga Vinyasa and  just like in it, we move to the rhythm of the breath. There are three basic series, although it offers the freedom to modify and create sequences, making it a complete and invigorating practice.


Astroyoga is a fusion that combines the benefits of yoga with astrology. Instead of following a generic yoga routine, this personalized practice is based on your birth chart to help you deeply connect with your inner self, understand your weaknesses and strengths, and thus be in harmony in all aspects of your life.

By integrating astrology into your yoga practice, you will gain greater clarity about your abilities and limitations, allowing you to explore new dimensions of yourself and work on different areas of your personal development


Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic and structured yoga practice based on a predefined series of postures chained in a fluid sequence.

A style characterized by its focus on ujjayi breathing (victorious breath), bandhas (energy locks), and drishti (visual focal points), which help maintain concentration and balance during the practice.

Vinyasa flow

The term 'Vinyasa' is derived from Sanskrit and means 'to place in a special way'. The 'Flow' refers

to the fluidity and constant sense of movement experienced during the practice.

Vinyasa Flow can vary in intensity, pace, and structure depending on the theme of the class.

It can focus on specific themes such as strengthening, flexibility, balance, or relaxation

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